Amazing results for leg cramps and other benefits

By November 1, 2011customer stories

May I share with you my own observations about the benefits of Redmond Clay.  I am a 78 year-old female retiree who was introduced to the product of Redmond Clay almost one year ago.  It sounded like something which could give me extra health benefits.  I had been plagued with leg cramps almost every night–the kind that wake you from a sound sleep and are resistant to massage.  I always took an extra potassium supplement, but that was not working as a remedy.  Amazingly, after drinking clay water for just a couple of days, I no longer had the severe leg cramps.  On two different days in the past year, I forgot to drink my clay water. Each time the leg cramps came back at night.  I am totally convinced I need to drink a clay-water solution every day to avoid the cramping.  I have noticed what I believe to be a couple more benefits of the clay.  I had a history of constipation, but since drinking the clay water, by bowel habits have improved. I also had been too anemic to donate blood, but without taking any extra iron supplements, my blood is now acceptable for donations. I am sure there are other health benefits which are difficult to measure.  The bottom line is that I am enjoying exceptionally good health.  I am a believer that Redmond Clay deserves a lot of the credit.

I mix about one tablespoon of the clay powder with two quarts of water.  I let it settle to the bottom and drink the clear water off of the top.  I drink about one quart of this each day.  The water has a clean fresh taste. J.M., UT

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