Redmond Clay Powder

Redmond Clay Powder is all natural bentonite healing clay that can be mixed with water to be used externally as well as internally. Redmond Clay is naturally absorbent and very gentle, acting like a sponge to draw impurities and toxins out of your body.

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Redmond Clay Capsules

Redmond Clay Capsules are a convenient way to take Redmond Clay for stomach relief, mineral support, or daily detox. Add Redmond Capsules to your daily supplements, or take a few capsules when your stomach is upset.

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Hydrated Redmond Clay

Nobody likes taking time to mix Redmond Clay after a burn or a sting! Tubes of Hydrated Redmond Clay can be stored in your bathroom, first aid kit, vehicle, or purse. It’s mixed and ready when you need it most.

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Redmond Clay Baby Powder

A completely natural baby powder, safe for even the most sensitive skin, Redmond Clay has been a staple for young families for generations. Now available in a convenient, mess-free dispenser.

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