No heartburn, cleared acne

Posted by Redmond Clay on Oct 28, 2011 in customer stories | 0 comments

A family member from Redmond recommended this. We tried it and it was incredible! No heartburn.  Better skin–cleared acne. Everyone in the family has a use for it! We had our own family infomercial with our own testimonials about the product! It’s amazing! R.Z., MD

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Customer testimonial: Clear of signs of Rosacea

Posted by Redmond Clay on Aug 5, 2011 in customer stories, how to use Redmond Clay | 0 comments

I have been using the facial clay mask and I think it has done wonders on my Rosacea.  I have been using prescription oral and topical meds for YEARS and my face has never been so clear of the signs of Rosacea.  This includes the red veins, red face, acne, and large pores. AMAZING!!!  S.C.

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