Severe burn from hot barrel

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“I was working on my ranch branding cattle when I severely burned my hand on a hot barrel used to heat brands.  My hand was totally blistered even though I put it in cold water when it first happened.  When I got home that night, I covered my hand with REDMOND CLAY and put my hand in a plastic Zip-lock bag to keep it from drying out, and to keep the wet clay from getting all over the furniture.  The first think that impressed me was how quickly the clay took away the pain.  I slept through the night without discomfort.  The next morning when I took the clay off, my hand was practically healed except for one small spot near the base of my thumb.”

M.R. – Redmond, UT

Burn from acetylene torch

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“I was cutting with an acetylene torch and accidentally put the flame on my thumb.  I put REDMOND CLAY on the burn and kept it on by keeping my hand in a plastic bag for the next 48 hours.  I removed the clay and washed my hand for the first time since I was burned.  My thumb looked like a sunburn that had peeled; it was just pink skin.”

M.B.  – Redmond UT

Severely burned from red hot coals

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“My family was at Maplegrove campground and I had just removed some Dutch ovens from a bed of red hot coals when my small child tripped and fell in a kneeling position on top of the coals.  By the time we got him out, his shins were severely burned.  He screamed uncontrollably for 15 minutes on the way to our house, which is enroute to the hospital.  We stopped to call the emergency room and my mother grabbed the REDMOND CLAY gel.  We put it on his shins and by the time we had driven two miles, my son had quit crying.

At the hospital the doctor said the clay probably hadn’t “done too much damage.” He removed it, treated the burns, wrapped them, and told me to keep my son off his feet for a week.  Two days later the bandages were falling off and the burns were cracking and oosing.  To save the Saturday emergency room call, I decided to try the REDMOND CLAY again to see if we could get by till Monday.  By Monday, the clay had helped the burn heal so much, that my son was running around like he had never been burned. 

S.R. – Aurora, Utah

Ulcerative colitis

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Thank you for your contact, it’s great to know that your company values customer feedback.  I wasn’t sure what to put as where I heard about Redmond Clay, it was actually through a Ulcerative Colitis facebook page, someone on the page had posted that they had been using it for IBS and I thought if it worked for them then it couldn’t hurt trying it for my colitis.  I have actually been using the clay since the beginning of November (Nov. 15th) to be exact.  I have been ordering it off of Amazon, I just ordered 2 orders of the 10 oz. clay and the facial clay, then I ordered the stomach health capsules off your Redmond Clay website because I couldn’t find them anywhere else near me.  Yesterday I actually posted on the Redmond Clay facebook page, following is my post:

“I’ve been using the clay for a little over a month now and it’s amazing!! I’ve had moderate to severe Ulcerative Colitis (chronic stomach illness) for 7 1/2 years now and a fellow UC friend told me about this. I drink about a tablespoon daily from the dry mixture, just ordered more along with the stomach capsules. I was in a severe flare up for over a month and within days of beginning the clay the worst of my symptoms had subsided. I use it for everything, I’ve done the masks and foot soaks. Also a week ago I got stung by a bee, I got most of the stinger out but my arm was pretty painful and swollen. I made the clay mixture, covered it on my arm with Saran wrap, took it off that night and the rest of the stinger was laying in the clay. I feel the need to share my story b/c so many are plagued with chronic illnesses/diseases and the effect this clay has is beyond helpful at ceasing painful symptoms. I went 2 days without drinking it, just being lazy, and the painful cramping, UC body aches, and bone aches were very prevalent, that night started the clay and felt great the next morning. I’ve done a lot of research on my own, and can’t find any reason not to continue the clay. If you’re skeptic, at least try it b/c you have nothing to lose.”


I meant to say that I drink 2 teaspoons of the clay daily in my post.  The day I began the clay I was in a pretty severe UC flare-up.  The flare-ups consists of constant going to the bathroom, bleeding, body and joint aches, I’m not able to keep any food in and rely on nutritional drinks and soft food to get my nutrition.  I ordered the clay and drank a glass of it that night I received it.  Since I was desperate I didn’t let the clay sit, I mixed it up and drank it immediately.  I did this for about 2-3 days until I began to notice a positive change.  The bleeding had 90% stopped, I was able to begin eating more solid foods, and my joints weren’t hurting as badly as they had been.  After a week I was 100% out of my flare.  This was the only change in my diet so I absolutely know it was the clay.  About 3 weeks ago I began working out and running again, I was sore from running, so I did a 40 minute foot soak with the clay.  I followed exactly how it said to do it online and halfway into the foot soak I began to feel my body relax, after the 40 minutes I felt great.  My shins no longer hurt and my feet felt well rested.  As noted above with the bee sting, it only again goes to show the powerful affects of the clay.  I continue to drink a teaspoon a day (since I am out of my flare up).  I bought a large glass container and I mixed a large amount of the clay with water (approx. 1-1 1/2 teaspoons to 8 oz. water).  I have been letting it sit and then only drinking the water off the top.  I don’t really think there is much difference between mixing and drinking it immediately as opposed to drinking the water off the top.  It’s just easier to get it all down without the graininess, but I have learned if you mix the clay into the water (as opposed to mixing water into the clay) then it takes  a lot of the grit and graininess out after you mix it up.  Along with drastically helping my Colitis, I have also noticed a big improvement in my skin.  I do the facial masks twice a week.  I am big advocator for Colitis and have my own facebook UC page (www.facebook.com/SupportUC) and I have been urging those on my page to at least try the clay and keep a journal of how they react to it.  I am excited to try the stomach health capsules and see if the improvement is as big as when drinking the clay, either way I am now a lifelong fan and will forever use this until some noted research comes out against it.  Because of my UC I am extremely cautious with what I put in my body, and after doing all my own research and homework on the Redmond Clay I have yet to find anything negative about it.  I have been able to see the amazing improvement through my own personal chronic illness and have been thrilled to find something that is natural to help with it, instead of just loading myself up with different medications.  The payoff of using the clay to help manage my Colitis far outweighs the payoff of taking 12+ pills a day to just mask the symptoms.  I have noticed a few comments on the Redmond Clay webpage regarding Crohn’s disease or IBS/IBD but not too many about Colitis.  So even though I only have a month of using the clay I hope this story can reach other Ulcerative Colitis patients to know that it will work for them.

I have been searching some of my local health food stores to find one that carries the Redmond Clay.  This is the only clay I will use, I have yet to find one, but hopefully I will soon.  I can’t wait to try the bath salts and many of the other real salt items.  I’m just thankful that I stumbled across that post that mentioned this clay or else I would very likely still be in a severe flare up or in the hospital.  I think you guys are doing an amazing job and I hope that I can help spread the word about the positive affects of all your products.  I know this probably wasn’t the response you expected, and I wish I had someone to write a review for you that has been using it for a longer amount of time, but I hope this helps to encourage others to at least try the clay!

Thank you again,

Burn from vertical exhaust pipe

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This summer I was working at our family ranch on a backhoe.  As I got off the machine, I grabbed the hot vetical exhaust pipe and burned my right hand badly.  We applied Redmond Clay and I was back to work in 5 minutes (hand wrapped in clay, a plastic bag, and cloth glove) with zero pain.  It never blistered, and when I removed the bandage it was as it nothing had happened. R.B., UT

Customer testimonial: Heals rash, pulls toxins & acidic waste

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You were very kind & generous! You gifted me a full jar of your fantastic Redmond Clay.  My friend has been using it internally–Wonders…Healings! It works great on a rash, pulling toxins and acidic waste.  I used it on my face.  Boy does it pull up and out the toxins!! Using patience it takes a few weeks for the pumps to heal.  Then I experienced flawless skin that I am ever accustomed to! Many thanks! M.L., CA

Stomach acid issues & problems with heartburn

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I have a little news that you might find interesting.  After we got back from out trip we shared some of the clay with Jen’s family.  They all have problems with heartburn and have stomach acid issues.  They decided to try the clay with some water and it instantly made them feel better. In fact, Jen’s sister usually goes through several Tums per day, but with the clay, she’s only drinking one glass and it lasts through the night.  They were immediately impressed and Jen’s grandma decided to try the clay on her cracked hands.  It healed her hands and Jen’s grandpa went on your website and ordered a case of clay.  He said that everyone’s getting clay for Christmas.

We went up for Thanksgiving and were shocked to hear them tell us about all the issues it’s helped to resolve.  Needless to say, I think they’re all new customers.  Jen’s step-dad actually said, “even if you think you don’t have any problems, the clay will find your problems and fix them!” We all had a good laugh, but it really has helped them. J.A., VA