A brief history of Redmond Clay

By March 21, 2012 June 29th, 2018 clay basics, learning about clay

For years, we overlooked the value of our rare clay deposit. Here’s how we came to recognize what we had, and eventually brought it to the market.

For thousands of years, people have used clay to prevent and treat physical ailments. Members of primitive tribes carried balls of hydrated clay in their packs, adding it to their meals and using it whenever dysentery, food poisoning, and other sicknesses came upon them.

Over time, the practice of using clay was forgotten by most cultures, but it was still used in areas near natural clay deposits. One such deposit lies near Redmond, Utah, where farmers in the early 1930s used clay on their animals to treat abrasions, bruises, and infections. Using clay was a normal part of caring for livestock, and seemed to help reduce inflammation and draw out toxins so well that people eventually began using clay for their own scrapes, sprains, bites, and burns.

In 1975, a customer introduced us to a book called Our Earth Our Cure, in which homeopath Raymond Dextreit described the amazing healing properties of clay from France. Dextreit claimed that ingesting the right kind of clay would bring the body into natural balance, and made health claims so bold we dismissed them without much experimentation. We knew Redmond Clay was effective on burns, stings and infections, but the idea of eating it sounded strange, and the benefits he described seemed unlikely.

Later that year, a local health food store called to ask if Redmond Clay would bring the benefits Dextreit had described, and we didn’t have an answer for them. They were anxious to try it, so we had it analyzed by an independent lab who assured us it was harmless if ingested (the FDA would label it “generally recognized as safe”) and gave the health food store some clay to try.

When that group of customers told us Redmond Clay delivered on Dextreit’s claims, we were intrigued. The FDA told us it was “generally recognized as safe”, and in the decades since we’ve heard from thousands of customers who swear by the benefits of Redmond Clay. We’ve also learned a lot about its impact on our health, and we’ll try to share what we’ve learned with you.

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