How Bentonite Clay Helps Your Pores

By June 15, 2018 June 29th, 2018 facials

In the plight for perfect skin, it’s easy to become fixated on a small (or sometimes not so small) issue—your pores.  

If you’re obsessed with these speckles on your face, you’re not alone. People everywhere are preoccupied with pores. That’s why every beauty product nowadays promises pore-clearing or pore-minimizing benefits.  

The question is…what actually brings you closer to pore perfection? And how can you get better pores without (bad pun alert!) ending up in the poor house from spending too much on dermatologist visits, facials and expensive beauty products?  

The answer is….bentonite clay! You may have guessed as much since you’re reading a bentonite clay blog. But bentonite clay bias aside, this simple and inexpensive beauty treatment really does have the power to purify pores. Here’s why… 

Pores become clogged with sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells [1]. But bentonite clay has a negative electrical charge that can draw out positively charged impurities like bacteria [2]. It also has a proven ability to soak up sebum, and less sebum means less clogged pores [3;4]. Plus, it’s a mild exfoliator, which means it clears away dead skin cells and keeps your pores clearer [5].  

So, bentonite clay takes care of your clogged-pore problem. But what about enlarged pores? 

Well, despite what you’ve been led to believe by convincing commercials from major beauty brands, dermatologists say you can’t technically shrink your pores [6]. Your pore size is determined mostly by your genes [6]. So, you can thank your parents if it feels like your pores are big enough to see from the Hubble telescope.   

But here’s the good news… 

When there’s stuff clogging your pores, they stretch out and look bigger. So, if you clean your pores out, you’ll get the appearance of smaller pores, which means you’ll be one step closer to that poreless, air-brushed look usually reserved for models on magazines. And that’s all any of us pore-obsessed peeps really want, am I right? 

To put it simply (and in a rhyme), a bentonite clay mask a day keeps pore problems away. Try it out and see bentonite clay’s pore-purifying power for yourself. 



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