If you spend much time in California, you’re probably getting used to seeing warning signs about Proposition 65. They’re on display at restaurants, banks, gas stations, grocery stores, even Disneyland. But why is there a proposition 65 warning on Redmond Clay?

Prop 65 lists of over 900 substances, including lead, that businesses are required to warn consumers about. Lead is a natural element in soil, so it can be found in trace amounts in anything that is grown or drawn from the earth — including fruits, vegetables, and, of course, Redmond Clay.

Since our bodies can’t absorb naturally occurring lead, proposition 65 allows exemptions for natural products like mixed nuts and brussels sprouts that would otherwise have to claim lead levels many times more than the limit imposed by the legislation.  We believe Redmond Clay falls under the exempted products definition, but we’re pretty cautious around here, and not terribly interested in defending civil action by prop 65 watchdogs hoping for a settlement or share of daily fines. So we updated our packaging to avoid the kind of mess that would be hard for a company our size to weather.

So is Redmond Clay safe?

The irony of guarding against proposition 65 is that some of the most pure, natural products we’ve ever seen are the ones sporting a warning on the box! You naturally wouldn’t expect any other answer from us, but we love Redmond Clay — we use it, our families use it, our toddlers and babies use it. We brush with it, bathe in it, drink it, and wrap our bodies in it. The amount of lead Redmond Clay is similar to what you’d find in organic produce. Even in larger portions, your body can’t absorb naturally occurring lead to begin with.  We simply wouldn’t sell it if we had any doubts!

We know it’s unsettling to see a prop 65 lead warning on a healthful product like Redmond Clay, and we know some consumers won’t buy our products with a warning on the package. But we believe in our products, and in our customers, and we hope we’ve helped you understand what the warning is all about. We have more information on our Redmond Trading site, and of course, if we left anything out we hope you’ll get in touch!